ELLICK is an Independent marketing & communication Consulting Agency

ELLICK's goal is to get to know you and your business—to identify what's working and uncover new opportunities for growth. 


  • Greater knowledge - In-depth understanding of the best way to market your brand or product of service. 
  • Increase efficiency - Your team can focus on operating and growing the business without having to worry about developing marketing material.
  • Expand marketing channel expertise - We can expand your presence in a new or existing marketing channel, hence increasing your opportunities for reaching your audiences.
  • Resources - To successfully execute one marketing campaign, there are quite a few skills and resources needed such as understanding the target market, designing, social media marketing and many more depending on what’s required. By partnering with us, you will have all the resources you will need to execute a campaign.
  • Achieving Results and ROI - In the end, results are what matters. With our expertise and ability in providing the service, we aim to bring in the best results.